How Can I Easily & Fully Uninstall WinZip (Solved)

  • Ian Stagg
  • May 16,2019
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As a zip utility for file compression and encryption, WinZip can be installed on Windows through a few clicks. But does it the same easy to uninstall WinZip? The answer may be different on different users’ computers. Some Windows users have reported that they were faced with various problems when trying to uninstall WinZip.

We do a research through the Internet, trying to collect common issues in the task of uninstalling WinZip. Here are the four questions frequently asked by Windows users:

1.Does WinZip come with a dedicated uninstall tool? How to locate uninstaller.exe?
2.How to uninstall WinZip as it is not in the Control Panel > Programs & Features?
3.What can be done to ensure there is no WinZip-associated leftovers in my system?

So what are the answers to these questions? In this post we will show you two ways of uninstalling WinZip on a Windows PC. To be specific, you can either adopt an automated removal tool to handle the task effortlessly, or instead, follow the manual steps in the second method to remove all items pertaining to WinZip step by step.

Method 1: Run Dedicated Tool to Fully Uninstall WinZip

Bloatware Uninstaller, known as a professional removal utility designed for Windows system, is capable of uninstalling programs and deleting program leftovers, and all you need is to install this tool, launch it and follow instructions to get the job done.

A video tutorial is provided below to show you the whole removal procedure:

1. Select target program

  • Double click to run Bloatware Uninstaller after the registration
  • Select WinZip in the list and then click Run Analysis to proceed


2. Scan for program files

  • After the scanning is done, click Complete Uninstall to activate default uninstaller
  • Click Yes in pop-up window and follow the prompts to complete uninstallation
  • Click Scan Leftovers to start searching WinZip leftovers around the system


3. Perform final uninstall

  • Keep every box ticked and click Delete Leftover to start thorough removal
  • Click Yes in the dialogue box to permanently delete all WinZip leftovers


Please note that Bloatware Uninstaller is a paid software, which requires a valid license to complete the final removal. You can visit the homepage to get more details.

Method 2: Manually Uninstall WinZip and Delete Leftovers

If installed correctly, a program can be uninstalled through Windows Add/Remove Programs applet, but a complete removal of WinZip involves necessary, additional steps. Now follow the instructions below to uninstall WinZip effectively on Windows.

Step 1. Terminate associated processes

Before uninstalling any software you are supposed to shut it down and terminate associated background processes. Otherwise, error message may arise to interrupt normal uninstallation, and the program components that are in use will not be deleted.

  • Right click the taskbar and select Task Manager option
  • Select associated background processes in Processes tab
  • Click End Task to terminated them one by one


Step 2: Uninstall WinZip from Start menu

  • Windows 7:
    Hit the Windows key on the keyboard (or click Start icon) and choose Control Panel
    Click the Uninstall a program link under the Programs heading
    Scroll through to locate Acer Portal, and click on Uninstall/Change link above


  • Windows 8:
    Right click on the Start menu and then choose Programs and Features in the list
    Highlight WinZip in the list, and click on the Uninstall/Change link


  • Windows 10:
    Right click on the Start menu and choose App and Features on the top
    On the right pane, scroll down to locate WinZip, and click the entry
    Click the Uninstall button that appears below, and click Uninstall again

As the Windows Installer window pops up, click Yes button, and WinZip will be deleted in a few seconds.


If you are asked, click Yes button in the User Account Control to allow the launch of WinZip.


But, what if there is no response at all? Well, you can head to the installation folder and double click to launch Uninstall64.exe.


If you have uninstalled WinZip but its traces still appear, continue with steps below.

Step 3: Delete invalid entries in Registry

  • (Right) click Start and then click Run to launch Run dialog box
  • Type “regedit” in the Open: box and press Enter to activate Registry Editor
  • If you are prompted by UAC for confirmation, click Yes
  • Click Find on the Edit menu in the Registry Editor
  • Type the keyword(s) of WinZip or its vendor in the search box
  • Click Find Next (and then hit F3) to locate and delete associated keys/values


Warning: don’t make any modification on Registry before backing up the whole database. If you mistakenly delete something in it, you can still reverse the change.

Step 4: Remove junk files/folders in disk

  • Go to Start > Control Panel > Folder Options, and then click the View tab
  • Tick Show hidden files and folders and uncheck Hide protected operating system files (recommended) in the Advanced settings. Then click OK to save the changes
  • Open up File Explorer and type WinZip in the Search Bar
  • Go through and delete the matched items in the search results

Thank you for reading this post. We hope you could learn some tricks from here.


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