Facebook Remote Work Plan Extended – Coronavirus Remote Work Tips

  • Stella Hansen
  • Jun 11,2021
  • News

remote work
Facebook has decided to continue the remote work plan to all staff since the pandemic of Covid-19 is still heating up. Anyone can request a remote work to get their works done remotely. Facebook chief executive has told their staffs continue working at home until mid-2022. However, for those employees don’t have the permission to work remotely still need to come and work in office if the office is opened in October.

Working from home, how to be productive and efficient? How to manage your time and workflow? How to manage tasks? Or how to eliminate distractions? Get several tips to get a work life balance and be able to finish your remote works productively during Covid-19!

  • Create a reasonable calendar to help you work from home regularly
  • Create a clean and tidy environment for working remotely, it is very helpful for the clear-headed thinking if you have a good working space
  • Take full use of to-do and note taking apps to help you better manage and finish your tasks according to the priorities you set. Learn some effective ways to make to-do-lists.
  • Get Skype or any other kinds of video call communications well prepared, avoid some mistakes to make a video call.
  • Reduce distractions! Avoid some. The more you reduce distractions, the more productive you will be. So how to combat your distractions? When you get bored, hungry, tired or your mind wonders, you can plan them accordingly to reduce the arising distractions, for example, have a snack ready and schedule a brisk walk. If you can clearly know your distractions in advance, you can be better combat then with some corresponding plans.

Finally, if you are one of those people who have to work remotely, learn some tricks to be productive and efficient. And don’t miss out on taking a charge, learn some new skills, improve yourself and drastically effect your life.


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