How to Uninstall RealVNC From Windows Completely?

  • Stella Hansen
  • Jun 11,2020
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Would you like to know more about Windows programs removal? Would you like to Uninstall RealVNC but don’t know how to do it? You are in the right place. This guide covers effective solutions to get rid of any Windows programs completely. We will go through all your needs and uninstallation of the RealVNC program, how to remove and clear out leftovers, and utilize professional Bloatware Uninstaller.

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RealVNC Overview

RealVNC is a remote-control software on PC, supports the remote control of VNC service on your computer. RealVNC is available for Mac and Windows platforms, the clients have Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and other platforms, which means you can remotely control a computer from device. Whether you are looking for a secure remote desktop access or connect with world to accelerate your own business, RealVNC for Mac features delivers you a reliable service. And at the same time, RealVNC will save you much time and money.

Uninstall RealVNC

Along with that, RealVNC offer users an alternative of free 30-day trial, perfect for those people who want to start remote working but not sure about if the virtual network computing software is safe.

How to Remove RealVNC?

This guide will show you the steps you need to uninstall RealVNC for Windows and walk you through methods to remove leftover files, folders, and registry entries. How to use a professional uninstaller software to remove unwanted programs from Windows computers with ease. Let’s begin.

First Method: Remove RealVNC by Windows Built-in Uninstaller

This method shows you how to use Windows built-in uninstaller to uninstall RealVNC. The uninstallation procedure covers the basic steps you need to do to remove or change a program on Windows.

1. Quit RealVNC and all its activities in the background. Right-click Start menu > click Task Manager > select the RealVNC program that you want to exit. > click End task.

close RealVNC task

2. Right-click Start menu > click Control Panel > click Uninstall a program.

control panel

3. You will look at the Uninstall or change a program window. Highlight the RealVNC program > right-click it > select Uninstall.

Uninstall RealVNC

4. Click Next > choose Remove > click Remove again to uninstall RealVNC from your computer. Wait for a minute, the RealVNC removal will be finished.

5. At last, you still need to figure out leftovers related with the RealVNC program. Right-click Start menu > click Run > enter “regedit” in the Open box > press Enter key. The Registry Editor will open.

run regedit

6. Click Edit > click Find > enter the pathname of RealVNC or realvnc in Find what field > click Find. Pick up leftover entries and delete them. You should be careful when delete a registry.

remove RealVNC leftovers

Second Method: Uninstall RealVNC by Bloatware Uninstaller

This method will show you how to utilize Bloatware Uninstaller to uninstall RealVNC and all its associated entries and shared files. This method is useful for the following purposes:

  • Remove RealVNC thoroughly without any efforts
  • Delete all leftovers automatically
  • Protect your Windows computer in case of your any wrong deletion
  • Easy-to-use and be capable of removing any unwanted programs in no time
  • A depth cleaning of junk files from your PC
  • … much more

So, if you are not confident in removing RealVNC and delete its leftovers in person, we suggest you try the second method. Follow the steps as:

1. Launch Bloatware Uninstaller software on your Desktop.

Uninstall RealVNC

2. Click Complete Uninstall > click Yes to make sure you want to remove RealVNC.

complete uninstall

2.1. You will look at to the RealVNC setup wizard.  Click Next to continue removing RealVNC from your computer.

remove RealVNC

2.2. In the next pop-up window, you can change, repair, or remove installation. Select the Remove operation you wish to perform. If you are ready to remove RealVNC, click Remove again to continue uninstallation.

Uninstall RealVNC

2.3. Click the Finish button to exit the Setup wizard. Click Scan Leftovers to continue the next step.

RealVNC removal

3. Click Delete Leftovers > click Yes to be sure you want to delete all RealVNC leftovers.

delete leftovers

3.1. All leftovers have been removed, you need to click OK or Back to Step 1 to check. Once done, restart your computer.

Uninstall RealVNC

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We’ll be here for you. If you have question about the RealVNC removal or any other unwanted program uninstall, or anything related to this topic, just contact us and we’ll be very happy to hear and help you. If you want to give this Bloatware Uninstaller tool a try to uninstall RealVNC, go ahead and click the download button, and you’ll see it in Step 1!

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