Uninstall DVD Shrink with Proper Removal Way on PC

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  • Mar 08,2018
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Uninstall DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is free ware for Windows based computer, and supports people to burning and backing up DVD discs, if you encounter some problem when try to uninstall DVD Shrink on your PC, you can check these guides and take an available way to complete the app removal.

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What are the common reasons for removing DVD Shrink

  • DVD Shrink cannot be updated and you should download it firstly and install a newer one
  • DVD Shrink is not as good as you thought
  • The program is not useful anymore for the user
  • Need of freeing up some system space
  • CPU often keeps a high rate of usage, and the computer system also become much slower after using DVD Shrink

General problems of removing the program

  • Error code and message appear when conducting the program removal
  • Computer always pops up a window which states that DVD Shrink cannot be uninstalled and encounter an error
  • Windows gets frozen when processing the app uninstallation
  • Computer crashes during the program removal

Do you also get on of these troubles on PC when try to uninstall DVD Shrink, don’t be upset, let’s now figure out these removing issues well and take a proper way to complete the program removal on the computer.

How can fix and uninstall DVD Shrink smoothly on Windows

Complete way to remove DVD Shrink manually on PC

  • Right-click on the small Windows icon to open Start menu
  • Select Programs and Features, which is the Windows built-in removing feature


  • Select DVD Shrink on the programs list, and click on Uninstall


  • Click Yes to be sure you want to completely remove the program and all of its components


  • Wait until the uninstalling process completed, and click on OK



  • Restart the computer and come into the Windows system again
  • Type “regedit” in the Windows search box, and click regedit from the search result to open Registry Editor in the system


  • Find the DVD Shrink’ associated registry entries from the list, and delete them
    (Note: if you are worry about deleting a wrong file, you can export the file you are going to erase for back-up)
  • Quit the Registry Editor, go to see and make sure the installation folder of DVD Shrink has been deleted

If you hold that think that program removal just can be finished after removing it from the Windows programs list, it’s time to correct that thought, because there are still some associations leaving on the computer, so you should find and delete them manually and completely on your PC.

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Uninstall DVD Shrink more quickly with professional uninstaller

To skip the time-consuming manual removing steps, you can take a sophisticated app uninstaller to replace you to handle the app removal, the removing process will be magnificently simplified, and the complete removal can be achieved quickly after taking some simple steps.

Bloatware Uninstaller is a professional uninstall tool that you can trust to uninstall DVD Shrink as well as other apps you don’t need, and the specific removing guides can listed below, including a video tutorial:

  • Get Bloatware Uninstaller on your computer, and launch it
  • Select DVD Shrink on the programs list, click on Run Analysis

uninstall DVD Shrink

  • Click Complete Uninstall to activate the removing process


  • Follow the uninstall wizard to finish the first step of removal, and then click on Scan Leftovers button


  • Click on Delete Leftovers to clear all of leftovers on the computer


  • When you receive the message “All leftovers have been completely removed”, you will finish the whole program removal


In this way of removal, it is no need to check all of the leftovers manually, and delete them one by one, so that’s way it is much faster then removing DVD Shrink manually with the Windows uninstall feature.

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