How to Uninstall Discwizard for Windows – Seagate Discwizard Removal

  • James E. Conklin
  • Feb 18,2020
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Discwizard is a hard disk optimizer belonging to the Seagate Technology, to uninstall Discwizard program correctly from the computer and avoid those annoying trouble, you can refer to the following instructions.

About Seagate Discwizard

uninstall Discwizard

As a a free backup and clone software for Seagate and Maxtor hard drive users, Discwizard claims to provide its users with an easy, and smart solution for installing formatting, and mangeing hard disc drives. When install the program on the PC, an additional registry entry will be added to the system which allows the computer start-up with the Windows; and a context menu handler which facilitate the users to access to the program quickly will also be added to the Windows.

When you need to uninstall Discwizard from the computer, you should notice that some of its install files and this additional added items will be easily neglected by some traditional removal way. And you should pay more attention to the leftovers issues during the uninstallation, or take a good alternative to perform the program removal on the Windows.

How to thoroughly uninstall Discwizard for good

1.Remove it with traditional way on Windows

  • Go to check and make sure Discwizard and its associated process are not running on the computer at this time
  • Windows 10/8/8.1: right-click on the small Windows icon, select Programs and Features/Apps and Features


  • Windows 7: left-click on Windows button, and head to Control PanelUninstall a program
  • Find and select Discwizard on the programs list, and click Uninstall as the following image


  • Click Yes if you need to confirm about this app removal, and follow the uninstall wizard to finish the standard removal


  • Close all windows and running apps, and restart the computer system
  • Log into the computer again, and type “regedit” on the search box
  • Hit Enter key to open Registry Editor on the system


  • Expand the registry groups inside, delete those registry keys/entries with Discwizard.

Note: to avoid any manual error of the System Registry, you can export the registry key you tend to modify or delete for back-up. Deleting any important system registry mistakenly easily cause serious error issue on the computer system.

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2.Uninstall Discwizard automatically with a reliable remover

If you are not confident about whether you can perform the manual removal by yourself, you can firstly consider to take a professional uninstaller to help you remove the program for you. It is often more effective than manually deleting the program and its stubborn components from the computer. To remove Seagate Discwizard from the computer, the Bloatware Uninstaller can perform a efficient uninstallation for you.

  • Launch a registered Bloatware Uninstaller on the computer
  • Find and highlight Discwizard on the interface, and click on Run Analysis button

uninstall Discwizard

  • Next, click Complete Uninstall button, and click Yes to start the program


  • When finish the first stage of removal with instructions, continue to click on Scan Leftovers button at the center of the uninstaller


  • Then click Delete Leftovers to clean all of the app’s stubborn files from the computer, and OK to complete the whole removal



  • Last, don’t forget to reboot the PC to refresh the whole system and clear all traces about the program

If you have other questions about how to uninstall Discwizard or fix the incomplete removal on your own PC, you can also contact the uninstaller’s tech support to ask for help.

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