Take Simple Steps to Uninstall 7-Zip on Windows (How to Fully Remove 7-Zip)

  • Ian Stagg
  • Apr 26,2019
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7-Zip is a free, open-source file archiving software developed by Igor Pavlov. Like other third party programs, 7-Zip can be installed and uninstalled on Windows 10/8/7 in simple steps., yet some users report that they encounter problems in the uninstall.

Here are the common questions users ask when trying to uninstall 7-Zip:

1.Is there an Uninstall option in this program? How to activate the uninstaller.exe?
2.How to uninstall 7-Zip since it is not in the Control Panel > Programs & Features?
3.How to deal with the error message ‘error launching installer’ during the uninstall?
4.What steps should be taken to ensure there is no 7-Zip file or folder in my system?

How to troubleshoot those issues? What are the correct steps to uninstall 7-Zip? In this post we will demonstrate two methods of removing 7-Zip on Windows PC.

Method 1: Manually Uninstall 7-Zip & Delete Leftovers

Step 1. Check if 7-Zip is deactivated

Before you execute any program uninstalaltion, you should go to check if the program is currently running in your system. To do so, look for the program icon in the system tray, or launch Task Manager to locate any process pertaining to the target program.

Step 2. Uninstall 7-Zip via Start menu

Pick up the proper option to uninstall 7-Zip on the specific version of your Windows:

  • Windows 7:
    Hit the Windows key on the keyboard (or click Start icon) and choose Control Panel
    Click the Uninstall a program link under the Programs heading
    Scroll through to locate 7-Zip, and click on Uninstall/Change link above


  • Windows 8:
    Right click on the Start menu and then choose Programs and Features in the list
    Highlight 7-Zip in the list, and click on the Uninstall/Change link


  • Windows 10:
    Right click on the Start menu and choose App and Features on the top
    On the right pane, scroll down to locate 7-Zip, and click the entry
    Click the Uninstall button that appears below, and click Uninstall again

If you are asked, click Yes button in the User Account Control to allow the launch of the Uninstall.exe (the built-in uninstaller of 7-Zip). As the 7-Zip Uninstall window pops up, click the Uninstall button, and 7-Zip will be deleted in a few seconds.

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Step 3. Delete 7-Zip entries in Registry

Some Windows users may wonder what the Registry is and why to delete program files in it. Well, most programs will create associated files in the Windows Registry during the usage, and those things will remain in Registry until you delete it manually. As time goes by, your registry will become more and more bloated and cluttered.

If you want to perform a thorough removal of 7-Zip, follow the instructions below:

  • Click the Search icon, type in REGEDIT, and click the Regedit in the result
  • Click Yes if you are prompted to give confirmation in the UAC dialog

Bloatware Uninstaller (13)

  • Click the Edit menu and then choose Find option (or press Ctrl + F keys)
  • Type ASUS Tutor in the Find box, and click Find Next button to start scanning


  • Once the matched entries are found, check if they are pertaining to ASUS Tutor. If so, right click on the key or value and choose Delete option from the list
  • Hit F3 button to locate the next one, and repeat the steps to delete related entries


That’s how to detect and delete target program-associated files in Registry. However, inexperienced users are not encouraged to modify Registry, because mistakenly deleting unrelated entries could have a negative impact on other programs and system.

To reduce the risk, you can back up the whole registry before making changes on it:

  • In the Registry Editor, click to select Computer on the left pane
  • Click the File menu at the top and choose Export option
  • Type a name for the backup file in the Export Registry File window
  • Choose All under Export section, select a location, and click Save button

If any wrong occur, import the backup file to restore the changes made to Registry.

Method 2: Fully Remove 7-Zip by Bloatware Uninstaller

Let’s watch the clip below to see how you can quickly and easily uninstall 7-Zip:

The uninstall tool appearing in the clip is called Bloatware Uninstaller, which can help you uninstall all 7-Zip components around the system in a few simple clicks.

1.Launch Bloatware Uninstaller, and select 7-Zip, and click Run Analysis button


2. Click Complete Uninstall button, and click Yes button in the pop-up window


3. Follow prompts to remove 7-Zip, and then click Scan Leftovers button
4. Click Delete Leftovers button, and then click Yes button in the pop-up window


5. Click OK when prompted that all leftovers have been completely removed

How to get this handy tool on your Windows system? You can download the installation file in the homepage of this site. You should be reminded that, Bloatware Uninstaller is a paid software, which requires a valid license for the normal usage.

Thank you for reading this post. We hope you could learn some uninstall tricks in it.


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