Totally Uninstall EagleGet with Easy Steps on Windows System

  • James E. Conklin
  • Apr 27,2018
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uninstall EagleGet

How can uninstall EagleGet for good on the PC? If you have no a good idea, don’t be so nervous, this post will list some available ways and show you how can completely remove it.

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About EagleGet application

EagleGet is a free download accelerator for Windows system, it is able to accelerate download tasks, fix broken downloads on the PC. Its installation on the computer will not only bring a lot of components, but also adds registry keys to the system for enabling the program start-up automatically at the background. In additional, caches are also continuously created on the computer.

To uninstall EagleGet completely, these are all necessary knowledge you should know, thus you will know what are the files you should remove and where they are, which is important for avoiding the manual error.

Have problem to remove EagleGet?

Before starting to write this post, I had tried to install and remove EagleGet on my PC, the removing process was completed smoothly without any problem. However, some people might get a totally different result when try to uninstall EagleGet on their computers. So, here are some common problems I sorted out for people being not able to delete he program successfully:

  • EagleGet is not included on the lists of Windows’ Apps and Features
  • Associated files and records cannot be deleted completely when conducting the program removal
  • Windows does not allow users to remove EagleGet because it keeps running on the PC
  • Error code like error 6 or 11 appears and disrupt the removal

Reliable and effective ways to uninstall EagleGet

1.Manual solution to remove EagleGet on PC

  • Click on the small Windows button to open Start menu
  • Click on All apps at the bottom, and scroll down the list until you find EagleGet
  • Right-click on EagleGet on the list, and click on Uninstall


  • Choose on the list, and click on Uninstall


  • Click Yes for confimation and starting the removal


  • Wait for the uninstallation complete, and click on OK


  • Restart the computer and log in to the desktop again
  • Move the cursor to the right edge of the desktop, till the hidden menu appears, click on Search
  • Type “regedit” in the search box, and hit Enter


  • Click regedit from the search result to open the Registry Editor in the system
  • Find the EagleGet’ associated registry entries from the list, and delete them
    (Note: if you are worry about deleting a wrong file, you can export the file you are going to erase for back-up)
  • Delete remnants in the installation folder and the caches folder on the computer system

If the manual removal and deleting registry is troublesome and risky for you (especially for the common PC users), you can turn to use the following way to get rid of the program more easily and quickly

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Additional knowledge: how to back up registry

  • Search for “regedit” (Registry Editor ) and open it on the system
  • Unfold the registry group and find the registry you need to backup
  • Right-click on the registry, and select Export
  • Choose a location to save the backup, and click on Save

2.Take professional utility to uninstall EagleGet more quickly

Applying an advanced uninstall tool to manage program removal is a popular and also the most effective way in nowadays, it is able to scan all of associated data automatically, and provide one-click removal for all of them. Therefore, if you would like to uninstall EagleGet in a faster and easier way, sophisticated removal utility Bloatware Uninstaller will be helpful for you.

Tutorials to remove EagleGet with Bloatware Uninstaller

  • Get Bloatware Uninstaller on your computer, and launch it
  • Select EagleGet on the programs list, click on Run Analysis

remove EagleGet

  • Click Complete Uninstall to activate the removing process
  • Click Yes to firm the removal


  • Click OK when the uninstall complete, and next, scan its leftovers


  • Click on Delete Leftovers button to clear all of leftovers on the computer


  • When you receive the message “All leftovers have been completely removed”, you will finish to completely uninstall EagleGet on the PC

Check this video for more intuitive instructions

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