Quickly Uninstall Total Video Converter Thoroughly on Windows

  • James E. Conklin
  • Jan 16,2018
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delete Total Video Converter

Uninstall Total Video Converter cause some issues on your PC? Don’t be upset, the how-to guides here will provide you the correct and complete way to get rid of the program from the computer.

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Total Video Converter for Windows is a free multi-format video converter published by EffectMatrix, it provides such services like converting and editing videos to different formats, so that can be available on different devices like iPhone, and Android cell phone.

Basic information of the software

Publisher website: http://www.effectmatrix.com/
Operating systems support: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/8.1/10
Current version: 3.71
Default installation folder: C:\Program Files\Total Video Converter\

Common problems of removing Total Video Converter

  • Total Video Converter is not listed on the Windows uninstall feature
  • Total Video Converter was not installed properly so it can’t be removed in the standard way
  • Associated traces and configurations of the program cannot be cleared well
  • Unknown error or shut down issue often happen when conduct the program removal

How could totally uninstall Total Video Converter in an easy way

To effectively remove Total Video Converter, please note that all of its components and associated data should be cleared completely from the computer, otherwise, it would be found again on your PC and many of you may not know how can handle these remnants and delete them.

1.Take expert uninstaller to remove it automatically

Taking an expert uninstaller is currently the most effective and easiest way to handle the app removal on PC, it is able to check all of associations on the computer, and provide a simple and automatic removal for the user to totally get rid of them. So, it is firstly suggested to invite a good app removal utility like Bloatware Uninstaller to uninstall Total Video Converter on the Windows.

uninstall Total Video Converter

  • When all of associated files and modules are scanned, click on Complete Uninstall button


  • Click Yes to start the removal, and follow the uninstall wizard to finish the first stage of app removal
  • Click on Scan Leftovers button to check all of remnant files on the computer


  • Click on Delete Leftovers to remove all of these files, and you will finish to uninstall Total Video Converter completely on the PC



Besides taking the professional uninstaller, it is also feasible to take a manual and free removal for the app on the PC, but it would take much more time and energy to complete the whole app removal, and here I just list two available manual ways below and you can have a look.

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2.Remove it with removal utility in Windows Control Panel

  • (Windows 8/8.1) Right-click on the small Windows icon to open the menu (Windows 10: Click on the small Windows icon directly)
  • Select Programs and features


  • Choose Total Video Converter on the list, click Uninstall


  • Click Yes to make sure you want to remove this item


  • If you can make sure the shared file is useless for you, click on Yes to All, or you can Click on No to All if you are unsure about it


  • Click OK when a message pops up and tell you the app has been removed


  • Close all of windows and running programs, and reboot your computer
  • When finish the restart, go to check the installation folder of the program and make sure is has been disappeared
  • After then, click the Windows icon again to open the menu, and type “regedit”
  • Click regedit on the search result to open the Registry Editor on the computer’s system


  • Expand the registry group on the left pane, and delete any registry key related to the Total Video Converter product
  • If you are not sure which registry key is the right one and worry about a manual error, it is suggested to export the key for backup before you delete it.

3.Uninstall Total Video Converter with its own removing process

  • Open the directory of Total Video Converter’s installation folder, if you are not sure where it is, you can open it through this way: right-click on Total Video Converter’s shortcut > Open file location
  • Locate on the “unins000” process file, and double-click on it


  • Click Yes to make sure you want to completely remove it
  • Follow the uninstall wizard to complete the removal
  • Restart your computer when finish, and then, like the above manual removal, you should go to check the installation folder and system’s Registry Editor to make sure everything related to the software have been cleared well.

Leftovers issue is the common problem for manually removing installed applications on the computer, if you would like to take the manual way to uninstall Total Video Converter, please be patient and remove all the files from the PC, and more importantly, remember not to delete the wrong registry file when you need to delete Total Video Converter’s registry keys from the system, the manual error often lead a serious system error issue on the computer.

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