How to Uninstall Solid Video Converter Ultimate on Windows?

  • Stella Hansen
  • Oct 21,2020
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Do you want to Uninstall Solid Video Converter Ultimate? Do you want to know what the Windows program removal is all about? Do you want to get rid of leftover files from your PC thoroughly? Here is a right place to get started. You will be able to uninstall any program on a Windows-based computer.

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Solid Video Converter Ultimate Overview

With times changing and modern innovations coming to the forefront, people can now stream videos on their devices and can download them too. However, with new video conversion software and apps, people can even convert videos into several formats, thus enabling them to stream contents in formats that are compatible with their devices. Earlier issues used to arise when video players weren’t equipped to support all types of video formats. Here lies the importance of a video converter. In this article, we have talked about one of the well-known video converters which people prefer, the Solid Video Converter Ultimate.

Uninstall Solid Video Converter Ultimate

What is Solid Video Converter Ultimate? Solid Video Converter Ultimate is a professional Video Converter software that is designed to convert popular media formats like MPEG4 or MP4 to other formats like QuickTime, DIVX, MOV, MPEG, MOD, VON, ASF, and vice versa. With this software, video conversion has become so simple and easy. Using the Solid Video Converter Ultimate, one can complete the video conversion within a few minutes, without even slowing down your computer.

What operations can you perform using Solid Video Converter Ultimate?

Here is a list of the various options that you can use as per your convenience:

  • You can select the file size and other specifications as per your choice.
  • Select the files that you wish to convert and then enter the file format into which you want to convert them. Now, wait for the software to complete the conversion.
  • If you want to convert only a portion of the video, you can mention the time specifications. The software would convert only the specified portion.
  • After completion of the conversion process, you can even choose to merge the converted files into one using the merger option.
  • The software also allows you to split a large file format into several files.
  • You can preview the original and edited videos and contents using its in-built player.
  • Users can also take a snapshot of any scene and save the snap as a JPEG file.
  • You can set the software at any mode like hibernating, shutdown, exit, or standby and see how it does the specified tasks you have selected after conversion. You need not waste time doing them manually.

Solid Video Converter Ultimate Features

Here are a few things that this software does for you:

  • Convert a Video’s File Format to Something More Universal

A universal video format is the one that is compatible with every kind of device. Such a format is easy to share with people. With Solid Video Converter Ultimate, converting a video into a universal format becomes easier and fast. This software also ensures that those who receive the universal format do not have to install external software for converting the video.

  • Enables Video Editing

Besides providing innumerable options for converting your desired video, you can also edit any video of your choice. You can cut out any portion, fast forward it, merge Various videos, split them, and whatnot. You can also save audio tracks separately from the videos in an MP3 format.

In short, coming with a smooth, intuitive interface, Solid Video Converter Ultimate is the go-to option if you have to convert your video into any other accessible format. It is also easy to be installed and doesn’t consume much internal space.

How to Uninstall Solid Video Converter Ultimate from PC?

In the first part of the guide, you will pick up the basics of manually removing Solid Video Converter Ultimate on a Windows-based computer. You will get to know how to get rid of all associated files and registry entries. In the second part of the guide, you will be using professional uninstaller tool named Bloatware Uninstaller to uninstall Solid Video Converter Ultimate. You will know the best practice in using Bloatware Uninstaller.

Method 1 Remove Solid Video Converter Ultimate Through Windows Built-in Uninstaller

Step 1: Before removing the Solid Video Converter Ultimate program, you should stop all related process running in the background. To quit Solid Video Converter Ultimate from Task Manager.

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys > Task manager will open, select Solid Video Converter Ultimate > click End task or End process.

task manager

Step 2: Open Programs and Features or Apps and Features. The name is different according to your PC’s version. You can right-click Start menu > click Apps and Features.

apps and features

Step 3: In the Apps & features window ( or Uninstall or change a program window if you’re on Windows 7/8), select the Solid Video Converter Ultimate program and click Uninstall.

uninstall a program

Step 4: Right-click Start menu > Click Run option > Enter regedit in the Open box > Press Enter key or click OK.

run regedit

Step 5: Click Edit > Click Find > Enter Solid Video Converter Ultimate pathname in Find what field > Click Find. You need to delete the left files related with Solid Video Converter Ultimate manually, any wrong system file deletion may cause some problems.

registry editor

Method 2 Uninstall Solid Video Converter Ultimate Through Bloatware Uninstaller Tool

Step 1: Run Bloatware Uninstaller > Select Solid Video Converter Ultimate > Click Run Analysis.


Step 2: Click Complete Uninstall > click Yes to make sure you want to remove Solid Video Converter Ultimate.

complete uninstall

Step 3: Click Scan Leftovers > click Delete Leftovers > click Yes to be sure you want to delete all Solid Video Converter Ultimate leftovers.

delete leftovers

Step 4: Once done, you will see all leftovers have been completely removed. Restart your PC.

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Each method aims at telling you how to get the Solid Video Converter Ultimate program removed from your Windows PC. If you hope a professional tool helps you uninstall Solid Video Converter Ultimate and get rid of all leftovers just in a few seconds, don’t hesitate now! Click the button below to download the professional Bloatware Uninstaller tool immediately.

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