How to Uninstall SMPlayer Program From Your PCs?

  • Stella Hansen
  • Mar 14,2020
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How to Uninstall SMPlayer with simple steps? Have you ever thought of removing any unwanted programs and junk files for your computer, your system? You followed people’s steps but still not successful. If so you come to the right place.

This post will tell you how you can uninstall a program using manual guide and professional uninstaller tool, and make leftovers completely cleaned out using acclaimed Bloatware Uninstaller. If your goal is to uninstall SMPlayer from your system and all the relevant files, this is for you.

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Introduction to SMPlayer

SMPlayer is a kind of free open-source media player that comes with the powerful function of playing any formats of videos and audios for both Windows and Linux users. SMPlayer has its own built-in codecs so users don’t need to download any additional codecs, this will maximize the convenience while users are playing any format of videos or audios, and avoid some extra troubles to install other codec packages.

Uninstall SMPlayer

Along with that, SMPlayer has the function to remember the settings for all played medias, this will be very time-saving and handy for you while playing a new video or audio on the same device because you don’t need resetting any more.

Some features SMPlayer carries out:

  • Support all file formats – SMPlayer comes designed with extraordinary versatility, supports all video and audio file formats. Users don’t need to install any other codec packs to play a video or audio.
  • Free to use – Users can download the free version of SMPlayer, this will help to save BIG in your pocket.
  • Freely to play, filter, and change videos and audios – Whether you want to filter your video/audio, change the speed of playback, adjust subtitles, or resume movies, SMPlayer does it breezily.
  • YouTube and multiple platforms supported – Users can use SMPlayer to search and play all their YouTube videos. No matter when you are on Windows-based computers or Linux, SMPlayer can be compatible with them perfectly.

In a word, these are main functions that SMPlayer carries out. If you are looking to keep the newest version of SMPlayer on your computer but facing the troubles of uninstalling the existed one, then the next uninstall guide will be helpful. The guide will show you how to uninstall SMPlayer thoroughly. At the end of post you will be able to uninstall any unwanted programs.

How to Uninstall SMPlayer From Windows Computers?

Remove SMPlayer Through Manual Ways

  • Exit SMPlayer at first and close all its processes in the background. Click Search menu in the taskbar, Enter Task Manager to open it.

Task Manager

  • In the Task Manager> select on SMPlayer> click End task.

end task

  • Open Start menu> select All Programs> select SMPlayer that you want to uninstall> click Uninstall SMPlayer.


  • Programs and features window opens, right click on SMPlayer> click Uninstall to start the removal.

select uninstall

  • Click Uninstall again to confirm this removal.


  • Please wait while SMPlayer is being uninstalled, this may take a few of seconds. After the uninstallation, click Finish to close the window.


Uninstall SMPlayer Through Bloatware Uninstaller

This Bloatware Uninstaller will take you through all of the steps necessary to make a complete removal of SMPlayer automatically. The program comes with an easy way to collect all folders and files about SMPlayer that only needs a few of clicks. If you want to give it a try, then use Bloatware Uninstaller. You can refer to the following video guide, or step-by-step instructions to start this SMPlayer removal.

  • Launch Bloatware Uninstaller at first. One the Step 1 page, you will see all installed programs there. Click SMPlayer> select Run Analysis.

Run Analysis

  • 2.Bloatware Uninstaller will collect all things of SMPlayer, such as files, folders and registries. Once done, click Complete Uninstall> click Yes to confirm this deletion.


  • The next window will show that completing SMPlayer uninstall, click Finish.


  • You still need to delete all SMPlayer leftovers. Click Scan Leftovers.

  • click Delete Leftovers> click Yes to make sure you want to delete all leftovers.

In A Word

Comparing with manual removal, Bloatware Uninstaller can wisely track files and folders for a thorough and automatic cleaning, the whole process is quite easy and no skills required. If you are facing the hassles to recognize all the trash files left behind by SMPlayer after its uninstallation, we suggest you give Bloatware Uninstaller a try. Bloatware Uninstaller will get all that issues solved in just a few of minutes. To uninstall SMPlayer right away, you can download Bloatware Uninstaller by clicking below button to start a professional removal with ease.

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