How to Uninstall MusicBee from Windows Computer?

  • Stella Hansen
  • Dec 24,2020
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Would you love to discover how to Uninstall MusicBee and other unwanted programs from a Windows-based computer? Are you wanting to move beyond beginner level in uninstalling a program and be more confident in leftovers removal? Are you experiencing challenges in your MusicBee program removal and find it hard to clean out remnants?

This essay focuses on how to uninstall MusicBee and get rid of all its leftovers on Windows. You will get two methods, choose the one that is right for you. So, if you are serious about removing the leftover files of MusicBee- then here is a right place to get started.

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MusicBee Overview

MusicBee will make it much easier when you manage and play all your music files on Windows computer. Whether it is for playing podcasts, web radio stations, audio books and more other audio files, MusicBee will let you play them in a simple, powerful, fast way, and the way you want. MusicBee supports many features in order to fulfill all your needs of sound quality Refer to what features that MusicBee carries out as follows.


  • Small size, and the portable edition is available on the official website.
  • Be free to use
  • Have a complete library management function
  • Convenient search and music filter functions
  • Built-in music play count and music scoring functions
  • Smart DJ function: automatically filter and play music according to settings
  • Have multiple view options: similar to the default main view of the browser ab, mini player view, simple player view, theater mode and more
  • In addition to Apple Music, the only music player that comes with a variety of ultra-clear audio-visual effects
  • Set different equalizers and volume adjustments for different music

Guide to Uninstall MusicBee on Windows Completely

Whether you are just starting out in uninstalling a program, looking for a complete removal, or want to start a depth cleaning of the leftover file, this guide will provide you with two common-used methods you can use right away in your Windows programs uninstall.

By the time you finish this guide, you will feel well prepared and confident at removing MusicBee from your computer.

Method 1: Remove MusicBee Using Manual Way

Part 1: Uninstall MusicBee through Windows built-in uninstaller

Step 1: Press the Win + X keys on your keyboard > click Task Manager from the pop-up menu. Highlight the MusicBee program > click End process or End task.

task manager

close MusicBee

Step 2: Press the Win + X keys again > click Control Panel (or right-click the Start menu > click Control Panel).

uninstall a program

Step 3: Click Uninstall a program > Find and select the MusicBee program.
Step 4:  Click Uninstall. Next, finish all steps as prompted to uninstall MusicBee from your computer.

uninstall MusicBee

Please note: The MusicBee removal hasn’t been accomplished, you still need to get rid of the associated files and registry entries from system. As to how to clean out leftovers, refer to the guide below,

Part 2: Delete MusicBee leftovers:

Step 1: Delete the left files associated with the MusicBee program from the Programs Files and AppData folders. Press Windows logo key + S to open Search box.

Windows + S key

Step 2: Enter %programfiles% in Search box> click %programfiles% folder to open Programs Files folder.

program files

Step 3: After opening the Program Files folder, find and delete all folders that contain the name of MusicBee.
Step 4: Open Search box again, and fill in %appdata%. You will open the Appdata folder. Delete all folders that contains the name of MusicBee.

app data

Step 5: Next, delete the left entries from Registry Editor. Press Win+R key to open Run box or right-click Start menu and click Run > enter “regedit” in the Open box > press Enter key. Then the  Registry Editor opens.


Step 6: Locate the following keys and delete the keys starting with the name of MusicBee.

registry editor

If PC runs a 64-bit version of Window: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node

Step 7:  Empty rubbish and Restart your computer.

Uninstall MusicBee Using Professional Uninstaller

Step 1: Launch Bloatware Uninstaller > select MusicBee program > click Run Analysis.


Step 2: Click Complete Uninstall > click Yes to be sure you want to MusicBee from your PC.

remove MusicBee

Step 3: Click Yes to be sure that you’re going to completely uninstall MusicBee on your Windows.

complete remove MusicBee

Step 4: MusicBee was successfully removed from your computer. Click OK > click Scan Leftovers.

uninstall MusicBee completely

Step 5: Click Complete Uninstall > click Yes to be sure you want to delete all leftovers.

delete MusicBee leftovers

Step 6: All leftovers have been completely removed. Click OK and quit Bloatware Uninstaller. Restart your PC.

Refer to a simple video guide here:


Till now, you must have clearly known the methods to uninstall MusicBee on a Windows-based computer. No matter which method you prefer, the indispensable step to succeed in removing MusicBee from Windows is to clean out all leftover files, folders, and registry entries. Any MusicBee file left in system may cause your reinstall failure or other errors. Thus, make sure you delete all remnants of MusicBee on your computer.

If you are wondering to know where you can download the Bloatware Uninstaller tool, simply click the button to obtain it in few seconds.

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