How to Uninstall MegaDownloader for Windows PC?

  • Stella Hansen
  • May 08,2020
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Do you want to Uninstall MegaDownloader but don’t understand how to do it? Do you look to remove MegaDownloader left files in your system but don’t know how to figure out? You will know how to uninstall/remove MegaDownloader successfully without prior experience here. This guide goes over 2 methods for a complete removal of MegaDownloader. At the end of this guide you should be clear in understanding how to uninstall a program from your Windows-based computers.

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Introduction to MegaDownloader

MegaDownloader is a free download manager software intended for It is right for those people who expects a specialized download software. Besides that, the latest version of MegaDownloader 1.8 carries out more exceptional functions. MegaDownloader is designed for any people who want a high-speed downloader, no matter what their Internet speed is. Along with that, MegaDownloader also can be used to upload, manage, share download files housed in the cloud. This will be very convenient for users managing and sharing data at any time.

Uninstall MegaDownloader

Well, if you are looking to uninstall MegaDownloader from your Windows PCs – This post is the introduction to MegaDownloader removal guide you are looking for!

How to Uninstall MegaDownloader for Windows?

This post is straight to the common-place removal methods and will provide you clear steps you need to uninstall MegaDownloader completely. You will know how to remove a software with manual ways, you will also know how to remove a program with a technical removal tool. If you are someone with no prior uninstalling experience then this is definitely the guide for you. If you, however, have reasonable knowledge of add/remove programs on Windows but are not sure about how to clear out leftovers then this removal guide is probably what you are looking for.

First Method – Remove MegaDownloader Using Windows Built-in Uninstaller

In the first part, we’ll know how to uninstall MegaDownloader by using the Windows built-in uninstaller. It will be very easy to get started.

Step 1: Close the MegaDownloader process or task. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete or press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager. When the Task Manager opens, select MegaDownloader and click End task.

end task

Or Right-click the Taskbar > click Task Manager to open it.

task manager

Step 2: Open Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs on your PC.

Open Control Panel > click Uninstall a program in Control Panel window. Or right-click Start menu > click Programs and Features.

control panel

Step 3: In the Uninstall or change a program window, choose the MegaDownloader program that you want to uninstall. Right-click on MegaDownloader and click Uninstall.

uninstall megadownloader

It will take a few of seconds to uninstall MegaDownloader, once done, the MegaDownloader program will be removed from your PC partially but not completely. A complete removal still needs you to delete all leftovers of MegaDownloader from your system. And this needs a certain level of system knowledge. If you are not confident in handling with leftovers in person, we suggest you try the second method immediately. It will use a professional removal tool to delete MegaDownloader leftovers thoroughly.

Step 4: Press Win+R key > enter “regedit” in the Open box > press Enter key. The Registry Editor will open.

In Registry Editor window > click Edit > click Find > enter MegaDownloader app’s pathname in Find what field. In the search results, delete registries related with the MegaDownloader program.

run regedit

Second Method – Uninstall MegaDownloader Using Bloatware Uninstaller Professional Tool

We’ll show you how to use the professional Bloatware Uninstaller tool to uninstall MegaDownloader from your Windows-based computer.

Step 1: Launch Bloatware Uninstaller > Click MegaDownloader > Click Run Analysis.

Uninstall MegaDownloader

Step 2: Click Complete Uninstall > click Yes to make sure you want to uninstall MegaDownloader.

Click Yes to make sure you want to completely remove MegaDownloader and all of its components.

remove MegaDownloader

Next box prompts that MegaDownloader was successfully removed from your computer. Click OK to continue the next step.

remove MegaDownloader

Step 3: Click Scan Leftovers > click Delete Leftovers > click Yes to make sure you want to delete all MegaDownloader leftovers.

uninstall MegaDownloader

Refer to a simple video guide on how to uninstall using Bloatware Uninstaller:


Till now, if you clearly understand how to remove a program on your Windows computers but don’t make sure if all leftovers are cleaned out, we suggest you give this Bloatware Uninstaller professional uninstaller tool a try. It will help to scan and collect all leftover files, folders, and entries for the program that you want to uninstall, and this only needs a few of click. To uninstall MegaDownloader like a pro, click the following button to use the professional removal tool named Bloatware Uninstaller.

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