How to Uninstall FlashGet from Windows Computer?

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  • Jul 01,2020
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Welcome to ‘how to Uninstall FlashGet tutorial?’ In this guide we cover two methods you need to know to remove a Windows program with manual ways and professional uninstaller tool. This tutorial is introduced so that anyone can know how to uninstall programs with Windows built-in uninstaller. We will explain you how to clean out leftovers by using technical uninstaller tool, walk through the details to delete junk files completely.

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FlashGet Overview

I believe that many old Internet users will remember that FlashGet once dominated the entire Internet download market. This old download software was almost a necessary installed tool at that time. Like many other classic software, they gradually disappeared in the eyes of Internet users.

Uninstall FlashGet

In fact, FlashGet, which used to dominate almost the entire Chinese Internet download market, and has been around for years. In particular, the official website has always existed, and the software was last updated on June 20, 2013 (a Linux version appeared in 2010).

FlashGet, is known for its support for multithreading and sequential downloads, claimed to be six to 10 times faster than normal downloads and this is very precious in that period of limited network brandwidth.

So far, the FlashGet official website is still accessible, but the software update date appears to have been permanently suspended on March 31, 2015, and the latest version number is still 3.7

For many Internet users, FlashGet is a not priority today due to its functions and features have been out of step with The Times. So if you are one of those people who want to uninstall FlashGet and try other download managers, the uninstall guide here will help you.

How to Uninstall FlashGet from Your Windows Computer?

Here is just a sampling of the topics included in this removal guide:

  • How to uninstall FlashGet using Windows built-in uninstaller
  • How to uninstall or change a program
  • How to delete FlashGet leftovers in Registry Editor
  • How to remove FlashGet using Bloatware Uninstaller
  • How to clean out FlashGet leftovers using Bloatware Uninstaller

Feel free to follow the steps here on how to uninstall FlashGet from a Windows-based computer.

First Method: Remove FlashGet Using Windows Built-in Uninstaller

How to uninstall FlashGet with manual ways? How to figure out leftover registry items in person? Let’s get started here.

Step 1: Quit FlashGet and close all its tasks running in the background. You can go to Task Manager and end all activities related to FlashGet there.

Right-click Start menu > click Task Manager > click FlashGet > click End Task.

end FlashGet task

Step 2: Right-click Start menu > click Control Panel > click Uninstall a program.

uninstall a program

Step 3: When Uninstall or change a program window opens, highlight FlashGet > right click and select Uninstall.

remove FlashGet

Step 4: Open Registry Editor, figure out leftover registry items and delete them. After that, restart your computer.

To open Registry Editor, right-click Start menu > click Run > enter regedit in the Open box > press Enter key.

run regedit

To delete FlashGet leftover registry, click Edit > click Find > type in the FlashGet install directory in the Find what box > click Find Next. Delete FlashGet pathname there.

registry editor

Please note: the FlashGet install directory differs according to the location which you ever chose to install. Make sure you delete FlashGet pathname correctly, any wrong deletion will lead to some unnecessary troubles.

Second Method: Uninstall FlashGet Using Bloatware Uninstaller

When you install FlashGet, you inadvertently install the AD plugin in your software, so you have to uninstall it too. Next, you will know how to utilize the Bloatware Uninstaller to remove FlashGet in a few of clicks.

Step 1: Install FlashGet and active it. Launch Bloatware Uninstaller > select FlashGet > click Run Analysis.

remove FlashGet

Step 2: Click Complete Uninstall > click Yes to make sure you want to remove FlashGet.

complete uninstall FlashGet

Step 3: The wizard will guide you through the uninstallation of FlashGet. Before starting the uninstallation, make sure FlashGet is not running. Click Next to continue.

Uninstall FlashGet

Step 4: Uncheck retain my configuration and task information, click Uninstall > click Finish to close the wizard. The FlashGet has been removed from your computer.

remove FlashGet

Step 5: Click Scan Leftovers > click Delete Leftovers > click Yes to be sure you want to delete all FlashGet leftovers.

FlashGet uninstall

Step 6: Click OK to quit Bloatware Uninstaller, or click Back to Step 1. At last, Restart your computer.

FlashGet leftovers removal

Video guide: Refer to a simple video guide regarding how to uninstall FlashGet using Bloatware Uninstaller here.

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At Last

The must-have Windows program is a professional uninstaller tool so that you can uninstall FlashGet or any other software without any efforts. The Bloatware Uninstaller professional tool is able to remove any wanted programs and delete leftovers completely. Using the latest release of Bloatware Uninstaller, this tool will add more convenience to your daily uninstall tasks. All process is going to be provided step by step and even if you don’t have any basic knowledge of Windows programs uninstall. Are you going to have a try?

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