How can Uninstall Lenovo Experience Improvement for Good

  • James E. Conklin
  • Oct 17,2018
  • Lenovo Software

uninstall Lenovo Experience Improvement

Need to uninstall Lenovo Experience Improvement boatware from your laptop? For the questions about whether it can be removed or how to uninstall it on the PC, you will get the right answer in this article.

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What is Lenovo Experience Improvement?

Lenovo Experience Improvement is an optional application for the PC and laptop. Its main functions is to send feedback to the Lenovo, including user’s usage and overall experience. Most of time, people find this program has been pre-installed on the computer, especially in Lenovo computer.

Not like the system built-in devices and apps, this program is not a necessary part of the computer. So, it is up to the user to decide whether it’s need to remove it or not. For many people, they would like to regard it as a bloatware, and want to uninstall Lenovo Experience Improvement to free up the system spaces. If you also want to do so, you can refer to the removal guides below to delete this application from your computer.

Uninstall Lenovo Experience Improvement

Uninstall from Windows’ Control Panel

  • Right-click on the Task bar, select Task Manager
  • Find and and right-click on Lenovo Experience Improvement on the list or running processes
  • Click on Stop or Disable to the related processes
  • For Windows 7 users: left-click on Windows button, and select Control Panel > Uninstall a program
    For Windows 10/8/8.1 users: right-click on the small Windows icon, select Programs and Features


  • Check the programs list, and select Lenovo Experience Improvement
  • Click Uninstall on the menu to start the app removal
  • Follow the uninstall wizards to finish the removing steps
  • When finish, close all running apps and windows, and then reboot the computer
  • Come back to the desktop, click on the search box
  • Search and open “regedit” on the system, and you will see serious of registry keys in the Registry Editor


  • Unfold the registry groups one by one, and delete Lenovo Experience Improvement’s registry keys if you can find

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Back up the registry if you are not sure

Leaving registry leftover is a common issue of the Windows uninstall, so checking and cleaning those vestiges on PC is often a common job after the removal. Since there are a lot of important system’s registries stay in Registry Editor, you should pay more attention to the manual error. If you are really not sure which one is belonging to Lenovo Experience Improvement, you should export the registry key for backup before delete it.

Remove it with Bloatware Uninstaller

Using advanced uninstaller is regarded as a faster and easier way to remove applications from PC. It is able to scan and clear all of files without leftovers, and people also can choose to remove other programs effectively on the computer with this tool. So you can also choose a good uninstaller to help you remove Lenovo Experience Improvement.

Uninstall Lenovo Experience Improvement with Bloatware Uninstaller

  • Get Bloatware Uninstaller on your computer, and launch it
  • Select Lenovo Experience Improvement on the programs list, click on Run Analysis


  • After then, click Complete Uninstall > Yes to activate the removing process
  • Follow the uninstall wizard to finish the standard removal, and then click on the Scan Leftovers button


  • Click on Delete Leftovers to clear all of files on the list
  • When you receive the message “All leftovers have been completely removed”, you will finish the whole program removal. And last, you can choose to restart the computer


Currently, people will get a lot of pre-installed applications when they buy a brand-new laptop. And some are usually useless for them but it is also hard to remove them from the computer. Therefore, besides uninstall Lenovo Experience Improvement, you might also need to remove other similar programs on the PC. In this case, a professional uninstaller will be a much better choice for you to perform these removing jobs effectively.

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